• Only the choice of a healthy lifestyle and products capable of improving the skin's health allows the skin to protect itself and to remain healthy, keeping its chemical and cellular structure at optimal levels of functioning, reintegrating substances that our bodies lack and reactivating processes that have slowed down with the passing of the years. The objective of lengthening our quality of life therefore comes from us, pursued using a holistic approach and taking into consideration aspects such as diet, supplements, cosmetics, and physical activity, in other words, all the aspects that can be targeted to improve the wellbeing and beauty of a person. The UNESCO recognition of the Mediterranean diet as an intangible cultural heritage since 2010 acknowledges its direct association with a superior quality of life and longevity. Beyond merely food choices, the Mediterranean diet embodies a holistic lifestyle, encompassing virtuous behaviors and habits that should govern our daily rhythms and rituals. Drawing upon extensive research, collaboration with a scientific advisory board, and a wealth of academic partnerships, our expertise is fortified by years of dedicated work within the VOS Group. With over three decades at the forefront of cultivating medicinal plants in the UNESCO-recognized Pollino National Park in Italy, we have honed our skills in producing extracts from both cultivated and wild plant species. The VOS Group’s portfolio spans nutraceuticals, food supplements, superfoods, medical devices, and derma cosmetics. Consequently, the synergy between the VOS Group’s companies, specializing in plant-active ingredient production, and Maylea, the cosmetic division culminates in the launch of MÌSULA - Advanced Mediterranean Pro-Aging Solutions.


  • “ mìsula® ” in Italian is a word in the dialect of the town of Castelluccio Superiore, which is right in the heart of the territory of the Pollino National Park and our cultivation sites. One of the most unique characteristics of the town of Castelluccio is the so-called “mìsule” (the plural form of mìsula), which refers to the ancient terracing placed inside the historic center of the town. “Mìsule” were essentially small, private cultivation sites where medicinal plants and herbs, vegetables, and legumes were traditionally grown. Cultivation was made possible by the genial management of spring waters which, through canals and artificial ducts, irrigated the mìsule of the town’s inhabitants in strictly pre-established days and times. This historic practice is still alive today, as some veins of water flow - in the duct or out in the open air - following the ancient paths that have been used for centuries. In fact, for centuries, the mìsule have represented an important aspect of hydrogeological preservation of the rocky ridge on which the town of Castelluccio Superiore stands; they are places that naturally lend themselves to the preservation of local biodiversity, which is crucial to the status of a UNESCO World Heritage site.


  • A “Pro-aging” mindset (i.e. thinking more positively regarding this natural and inevitable part of life) can not only be very empowering, but it also has a considerable effect on our longevity and quality of life. Traditionally, youth has been the driving message behind fashion and beauty advertising. The overwhelming message in advertising and media has been that youth is akin to the holy grail. However, women and men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s and up should radiate the fact that they are so full of life and experiences. The essence of their lives over the years should be celebrated as it shows subtly on their faces. The sparkle and charisma in their eyes should be emphasized and their wisdom and experience highlighted. We can do this through “Pro-aging”, which is a shift in attitude that celebrates aging and the lives that we live, to better reflect the reality of aging and the beauty of life. Being “Pro-Aging”, or satisfied with your aging, can make you adopt healthier behaviors, feel in control of how you age, and even heighten your immune system.


  • Integrate the unique wisdom and natural bounty of the Mediterranean with scientific research and technology, to offer people the most effective anti-aging skin care. With an integrative approach to skincare, a sensitivity to what it means to “age,” and by putting genuine wellness before abstract ideas of beauty, our goal is to encourage people to celebrate their uniqueness and honor the life within them – only then can beauty shine on the outside. Years of research and collaborations with universities and private laboratories operating in the Mediterranean area have helped to shape our experience and to define our unique, personal approach: to consider aging not as a disease, to be feared and combated, but as a phase of life, in which health and beauty must be preserved with products, rituals and virtuous attitudes capable of combining treatment and pleasure, stemming from the Mediterranean culture of wellbeing. It is a new attitude towards aging, in which life experience and individuality are more important than anonymous perfection; it is an approach that celebrates the life we have and the age we are and encourages looking toward the future with confidence and peace of mind. The way we perceive our age does influence the way we live: both positive and negative attitudes can change behavioral, psychological, and even biological aspects, and being “Pro-aging” can lead us to adopt healthier habits, strengthen our immune systems, and prolong the length and quality of our lives.